I hate young developers.

I’m not referring to young as physical age young, but young in spirit. It’s their optimism, and especially their optimism in relation to time that I find deeply unnerving.

When faced with a problem a tad more complex than the solution they already have, first thing they’ll do it’s to really take their time to look for the-holy-framework-which-answer-our-deepest-prayers-of-this-month which might solve it – Most likely somebody already solved it for us! ain’t life beautiful?

If the current-holy-grail-framework was found and 1% of its functionality is actually required to solve the initial problem then of course, they find the time to preach around about its general magnificence and toil for a while to integrate that sloppy engineered, poorly designed, slab of code in their project – Yes! we finally found the only, single, correct way of doing things (this time. next time we’ll repeat the whole process).

If no framework was found most of the times they’ll try to apply repeatedly the solution they already know instead of figuring out a new way of doing things – hey! what’s the rush?

What I actually miss is interacting with the old breed of developers.

Ya know, those heavy alcohol/coffee drinking chain smokers keenly aware they’re about to make a jmp_far with no ret any time soon. Those types without too much time to fool around and prone to go “Hey kiddo! Will ya be a swell guy and take ten minutes to write down your own algorithm to sort those values instead of manually sorting them? I’d really like to see the results before my liver finally quits on me! And don’t make it a friggin’ bubble sort, damn it! I’ve scheduled the surgery during the lunch break not the bloody dinner break!”

Just kidding. Actually there’s no time right now, we’ll just ‘do it right next time’ ™.

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