NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days 2016


Oamenii de la Baza 90 Transport Aerian (Otopeni) organizează Sâmbată a.c. (mâine) o chestie numită Ziua Porților Deschise.

Ideea  e destul de simplă. Cei de la aviație și armată arată ce au în dotare și ce pot face cu ce ele.  Continue reading Organizatoricești

The right stuff, lacking of.

Kinda funny to watch. Sort of a second golden age of aviation development. All those top notch 3rd generation fighters, 4th gens on the drawing boards, and generally everybody trying to put in practice something new. Sure, a lot of failed projects, but the successes were quite inspiring. Still a quite a balls-out attitude among (sort of) many, (sort of small) entities (yet) – as everybody seemed willing to take a calculated risk to plan, design and put in practice a new idea.

Almost kinda make you remember how you were feeling a long time ago when considering being a programmer.

Totally unrelated:

I hate young developers.

I’m not referring to young as physical age young, but young in spirit. It’s their optimism, and especially their optimism in relation to time that I find deeply unnerving. Continue reading I hate young developers.